Meet Ronald Graham

Top producing real estate and construction professional Ronald Graham is renowned for having excellent business savvy when it comes to the fine “art of the deal.” He has been making clients’ real estate dreams a reality for many years, and is known as being “unstoppable” when it comes to achieving exceptional results.

Ronald has a strategic plan for every aspect of the real estate transaction. His custom designed renovations promote the best features of his clients’ properties, with consistently outstanding results.

Renovation and Sales Expert

All of Ronald’s clients benefit from his encyclopedic knowledge of Real Estate that has been honed from many years working in various neighborhoods and types of properties. Ronald is a resident and home owner in Sharpstown, shares a similar lifestyle as many of his clients and is strongly able to connect with them. Ronald understands their needs and provide them with a high level of comfort. He is able to get the most profit for his sellers by renovating, and then negotiating the best possible deal for the sale.

Why should you hire Ronald Graham?

  • His Background. Working with Ronald in fulfilling your real estate goals will guarantee a smooth-sailing experience, whether you’re a first-time seller or otherwise. A background in construction and business has made Ronald into a formidable Renovater and Realtor with a unique perspective in real estate, allowing you to tap into honest insights that will help you get the most profit from your sale.
  • His Personalized Service.  Ronald will provide you with the unbiased information you want and need, to determine the exact level of repairs to be performed or upgrades that will increase the value of the home and make you more profit on the sale.
  • His Dedication. Combine passion with knowledge and you’ll get a dedicated professional who knows his market like the back of his hand. If you’re a home seller, well-prepared comprehensive market reports and analysis will help you correctly determine the best program available and in turn make to most profit from your sale.

Ronald Graham is Qualified.

  • Years of being in the local business community and construction industry has earned Ronald an extensive network of trustworthy and reputable contractors, appraisers, and every professional you need in order to make an informed decision. This will especially come in handy if you’re a seller looking to increase and improve the property value of your home or meeting necessary contingencies to complete a sale.
  • Outstanding negotiation skills. As a seller, you’ll want an agent that can represent your best interests come negotiation time. Ronald’s background in business and construction will help you successfully close the best deal possible. Ronald is a  Master Certified Negotiation Expert as well as a Seller Representative Specialist.  There is nothing quite like working with a real estate agent who knows the intricacies of real estate and has mastered the art of negotiation.

Still undecided? Feel free to to call Ronald any time 832-368-3131 to discuss what he has in store for you in terms of quality of life and housing options.

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