May 2, 2017

Texas Real Estate Commission Consumer Protection Notice

TREC Required Legal Information From Real Estate Providers in Texas  

All Real Estate providers who buy and sell homes in Texas must post the TREC required legal information for their clients.

The Following is an excerpt from the TREC Consumer information page.

Buying a home is often the single biggest investment a person can make. Selling a home can be an overwhelming and confusing transaction.  Because of the size and complexity of buying or selling a home, most buyers and sellers hire a professional advisor to help them with the process. The Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) is responsible for licensing real estate service providers in Texas to ensure they are qualified to advise consumers about these transactions. If you are looking form information about the home buying or selling process be sure to check out our consumer resources page where we highlight tools that could help you.

Each company that provides brokerage services must be licensed as a broker and must operate under the direct oversight of an individual who also holds a broker license. Every sales agent is sponsored and supervised by a broker. A broker or sales agent licensed by TREC is not required to become a REALTOR; although many do voluntarily join this private professional organization.

TREC enforces the laws and rules which govern sales agents and brokers. If you have issues or concerns with the broker or sales agent assisting you, or if you feel you are not being represented fairly, you can file a complaint with TREC. TREC has the authority to take action against a licensed broker or sales agent who is not in compliance with the rules and laws of Texas. Additionally, licensed brokers and agents are required by law to put your interests as their client above all others, including the broker’s own interests. This is called acting as a “fiduciary”. It also involves providing the following minimum services:

  • inform the client of any material information about the property or the transaction received by the broker;

  • answer the client’s questions and present any offer to or counter offer from the client; and

  • treat all parties to a real estate transaction honestly and fairly.

TREC consumer protection notice

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