Calling Homevestors Is a BAD Idea!

Selling your home to homevestors is a bad idea

Calling Homevestors is a BAD Idea!

Listing on the Houston open market via HAR or MLS is the best strategy for houses in great condition with no foreclosure or other financial issues pending. The reality is, however, a traditional sale takes time. If you are a distressed home seller you might think that you are out of time and options. The companies that buy “Ugly Houses” might take advantage of that ticking clock running towards foreclosure and make you an offer that is far below the real value of the property.  You might believe that you need to take the ugly deal just to make the problem go away.

Call Renovator Realty FIRST!

Homeowners that wait too long can lose their home to the bank, and delaying or pretending that everything is alright is not an answer. Renovator Realty has the means to help you today. If you need to catch up on house payments, if you have tax issues, or if you have inherited a property in bad shape we can help! We can repair your home or your mortgage and you do not have to pay us back until the home sells. When it sells you will make more profit, because after you pay us back, ALL of the extra profit goes straight unto your pocket. No catch, No Ugly deal!

You deserve Respect and the Most Money From Your Home Sale!

This is the underlying concept at the core of everything we do at Renovator Realty. We believe that the best deal is a win/win deal where everyone benefits. Call us today at 832 368-5151 and talk personally with Ronald Graham. Ronald is an expert at analyzing the real estate market, and will find you the best possible solution to your situation. In some cases you might be better off selling for cash and Renovator Realty will beat any other offer by $10k. In other cases we can do repairs and add value and curb appeal to the home. Im any case you will get the BEST possible results! You deserve that and we are the company that will give you those type of results.

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